SOLITINE SOLITINE Global Frame Cabinet - 41"(D), 24"(W)

SOLITINE SOLITINE Global Frame Cabinet - 41"(D), 24"(W)
  • Welded and bolted steel four-post frame with casters and leveling feet
  • Equipment Mounting Rails, 19"EIA, two pair
  • Solid top panel with up to four large cable access ports
  • Perforated front door with swing handle and keyed lock
  • Double perforated rear door with swing handle and keyed lock
  • Two-piece solid side panels with keyed locks
  • PDU brackets, one pair, for mounting two vertical CPI PDUs
  • Baying kit
  • Floor attachment brackets
  • Equipment installation hardware, 25 each M6 cage nuts and screws
  • Factory installed grounding/bonding system
  • Sturdy welded and bolted steel construction
  • 3000 lb (1360 kg) equipment load capacity
  • Adjustable depth mounting rails with marked and numbered U spaces
  • Front and rear support for 19"EIA rack-mount equipment
  • Perforated doors for front-to-rear airflow
  • Four large cable knockouts on the top panel, one per corner
  • Half height side panels for easier handling
  • Locking doors and side panels for physical security
  • The top panel, side panels, doors and equipment mounting rails are electrically bonded to the frame
  • Easy movement on included casters
  • Easy access to leveling feet
  • Front door is curved, perforated metal
  • Rear door is flat, perforated metal
  • Swing handle latch with keyed lock
  • Easy to remove; reversible to open from the right or left
Side Panels
  • Solid, two-piece panels (half-height, full-depth); each panel has a single recessed spring-loaded locking latch located near the top, center of the panel; the latch is keyed to match the front/rear door