SOLITINE Double Port Face Plate

SOLITINE Double Port Face Plate
  • Double face plate for networking cables with RJ45 Cat 6 key stones.
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm
  • Instructions provided
  • Cat 6 compliant.
  • Fits into most single gang buttress boxes for wall mounting.
  • Used when networking your home or office, for a neat professional look.
Tips for wiring your home/office
  • Use solid network cable in walls and under floorboards etc. It s not as flexible but better for this type of usage, long distances and the best speeds.
  • Where all the cables meet at the other end, use a patch panel for easy connection and simple future modifications.
  • Fit the cable into the key stone with a push down tool (aka IDC tool) - each of the 8 connectors are colour coded.
  • Leave the insulation on each of the 8 cables, as the keystone will pierce through them.
  • It will also cut the cable off neatly for you. If mistakes are made, use the hook to pull out the cable and try again.
  • Whether you are a confident fitter or a beginner it s easy to make mistakes. A network tester will inform you quickly and easily whether you have made a mistake or not. If it does not flash in order, it will point to the one that is wrong.