SOLITINE 4 PON Ports EPON OLT With 10G Duel Power Supply

SOLITINE 4 PON Ports EPON OLT With 10G Duel Power Supply
  • 1U 19 inch standard box EPON OLT with 4 PON ports
  • 2 Port 10G
  • Duel Power Supply
  • Compliant with IEEE802.3ah YD/T1475-2006 EPON and China Telecom EPON Technical Requirements
  • QoS based on port, VID, TOS and MAC address(32K Mac address)
  • Support priority queue scheduling, support SP, WRR or SP + WRR scheduling algorithm
  • Support 4096 VLAN, transparent transmission and conversion, support VLAN stacking (QinQ)
  • Support 32K MACs line speed learning and aging, support MAC address restriction
  • Support IEEE 802.1d (STP), 802.1w (RSTP) and MSTP Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Support multicast Groups, IGMP v1/v2 snooping and IGMP Proxy
  • Support port-based rate limitation and bandwidth control
  • Support PON line AES and triple churing encryption
  • Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA)
  • Support ONU auto-MAC binding and filtering, support the ONU offline business configuration and automatically configure, manual/auto authentication
  • Support the use of the ACL rules for packet filtering
  • Support SNMP, telnet, CLI, OAM and Web management
  • Provide logs, alarms and performance statistics
  • Support remote software upgrade